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By Jenna Allard, Guramylay: Growing the Green Economy


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Articles About the Solidarity Economy

Published with the Grassroots Economic Organizing Collective, Ethan Miller's "Solidarity Economics: Strategies for building New Economies from the Bottom-Up and the Inside-Out" provides a good overview of the basic principles of the solidarity economy.

The Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy has lots of downloadable documents on their site. Marcos Arruda provides excellent overviews.

This collection of documents, also on the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy website, specifically focuses on envisioning the new solidarity economy. Miriam Nobre's article deals with the solidarity economy and gender.

In this article, "What is a Solidarity Economy?", Carola Reintjes, as an attendee of the 2003 World Social Forum, outlines the preceedings of the conference.

Manish Verma, in an article also entitled "What is the Solidarity Economy?" explores conceptualizations from a more personal perspective.

This is a translated excerpt from the book, Si Uno Come, Que Todos Coman, Economia Solidaria, by Alma Cecilia Reyes and Jorge Santiago Santiago, available on the Global Exchange site.

This piece, entitled "Solidarity Economics: An alternative for development, equity, social justice, and peace in Colombia", is written by the Latin American Confederation of Cooperatives and Worker's Assocations.

An article by Bob Stone and Betsy Bowman, "The Meek Want the Earth Now: the Solidarity Economies of Brazil & Mexico"

Another article by Bob Stone and Betsy Bowman, specifically about the solidarity economies of Venezuela and Argentina.

Another article on solidarity economies by Bob Stone and Betsy Bowman, entitled "Argentina's Crisis".

This proposal paper on the solidarity economy is a synopsis of the work done by an Alliance 21 workshop.

This document, put together by the Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Economy, entitled, "The Management and Organization Experience of the Solidarity Economy Movement in Brazil", gives a good overview of the many actors involved in the solidarity movement in Brazil, as well as their organizational strategies.

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International Solidarity Networks

The Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy

Alliance 21 (Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World)

Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

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The Solidarity Economy in North America

North American Network for the Solidarity Economy (renamed RIPESS North America as of March 2008)

From the Human Resources and Social Development Canada website, an article answering questions about the social economy.

Co-op America website, providing a plethora of information on how to be an ethical consumer

B.C. - Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) articles hosted at Athabasca University. A plethora of research articles about the social and solidarity economy, mostly focusing on Canada.

The Equal Exchange Website. The oldest and largest for-profit fair trade company in the United States, run as a cooperative.

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The Solidarity Economy in South America

The website of the Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Economy (in Portuguese)

The website of the Peruvian Network of the Solidarity Economy (in Spanish)

The website of the Network of Latin American Researchers on Social and Solidarity Economy (RILESS) (in Spanish)

The "Letter from Porto Alegre", a statement by the Latin Meeting on a Culture and a Socio-economy of Solidarity, in 1998.

Fair Trade,The Popular Cooperativism Portal, run by the Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives, located in Brazil.

An article by Renate Lunn entitled "Rosario, Argentina: An Economy based on Solidarity" about innovative municipal programs to foster the growth of the local solidarity economy.

The English-language homepage of the Brazil's Landless Workers Movement.

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The Solidarity Economy in Europe

Website of the Agency for Promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy (APRESS), a Paris-based media co-op that disseminates information about the solidarity economy. (in French)

Website of the Lilliput Network, a Milan-based group that aims to make sustainable and democratic economic choices (in Italian)

Website of the New Economics Foundation, a UK-based think-tank that envisions an economics "as if people and the environment mattered"

Website of Ethical Consumer, a UK-based publication that evaluates corporations and productions, and provides information on how to consume responsibly.

English-language website of Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa.

Several articles written by Matt Hancock of the Center for Labor and Community Research are available about the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, where small-scale cooperative enterprises abound: "Introduction to the Emilian Model"; "Markets and Solidarity: Social Cooperatives in Italy's Emilia-Romagna Region"; and "The Cooperative District of Imola: Forging the High Road to Globalization"

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The Solidarity Economy in Africa

Final declaration of the Third International Meeting on the Globalization of Solidarity in Dakar, 2005.

Website of the South African New Economics Network, which aims to create a "humane, just, sustainable and culturally appropriate economic system in South Africa"

Information about the Kuapa Kokoo Cocoa Cooperative in Ghana

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The Solidarity Economy in Asia / Oceania

Website of the Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy

Website of Grameen Bank, a micro-credit and development agency in Bangladesh

Website of the Self-Employed Women's Association, a union for Indian women working in the informal sector

A conference working paper by Manuka Henare, entitled "Maori Economic Development is Nation Building". More papers and documents from the International Development Studies Network Conferences in New Zealand can be found at

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US Social Forum Social Solidarity Workgroup Documents

The Audit of Bristol's Social Economy, Nick Oatley

Social Economy Bristol Audit Questionnaire

Solidarity Economy as an Integral New System: Global Vision, WSSE Dakar Meeting

Exchanging Visions of a Solidarity Socioeconomy: Glossary of Important Terms and Expressions, WSSE Dakar Meeting

A Diverse Economy: Rethinking Economy and Economic Representation, JK Gibson-Graham

Defining the Social Economy, the Solidarity Economy, and NANSE, Dan Swinney

Other Economies are Possible!, Ethan Miller

Elements of a Solidarity Economy, Ethan Miller

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